Exterior Design

Gutter Accessories

Complete your gutters with accessories

Flush Mount Outlets

Our aluminum flush mount outlets will last as long as your gutters. The standard size these flush mount outlets come in is 2.75 inches

which is more than double the drainage that the normal vinyl outlets are when originally installed. They also come with removable strainers which makes cleaning a snap. The nice thing about aluminum is that aluminum outlets do not wear from the sun which means less maintenance. Most vinyl outlets need to be changed 2-3 times throughout the life of the gutters.

Rain Chains
Rain chains are a classy alternative to downspouts. How they work is that the rain chains break the fall of water, and direct it downward to the
ground, or into another gutter on a different level. They also can direct into basins for water storage. Rain chains also have a unique sound when rain is going through them. It is not too loud, but if you listen carefully, it creates a tranquil sound.

They add elegance and charm to any house old or new.

Rain chains come in a variety of materials like; copper, iron, brass, and aluminum.

Leaf Trap
Using leaf traps reduces the amount of leaves that will make their way down the downspouts and eventually clog your drains.  When we install
Leaf Traps we will leave the outlet in the gutter without a strainer, which allows small leaves and debris to flush down the downspout and be filtered out by the Leaf Trap. They are easy to empty, and it is a much better alternative than getting out a ladder to clean your gutters.  It will not eliminate the need to clean your gutters, however, it will reduce the amount of times per year that you will need to do this. 
Leaf Guard
Using leaf guards reduces the amount of maintenance and cleaning you need to do of your gutters. It will not completely eliminate your
maintenance, however, it will greatly reduce it. We use the T-Rex Leaf Guard System for standard aluminum, and steel gutters.