Exterior Design

Frequently Asked Questions

We've heard a lot of questions in 20 years. Below are some of the most common ones.

How long should gutters last?

Gutters typically last the duration of a decent quality roof, which is approximately 20-25 years.

How do I know if I need new gutters?

If gutters are leaking at most of the corners, show signs of corrosion (pitting), if gutters are falling away from fascia boards or if the existing gutters are the older 4” size.

How do I know if I need new downpipes?

If the existing downpipes are falling away, showing signs of corrosion (pitting) or if they are the older 2” round or square pipes.

Why would my gutters and downpipes have tiny holes all over?

This is known as pitting, some of the older materials were painted on the outside only, this leaves the inside exposed to the elements, acid rain, chemicals and presevitive (copper sulfite) from the roofing materials.

How often do my gutters need to be cleaned?

Depending on the amount and types of trees gutters should be cleaned at least once annually.

Can my leaky corners be repaired?

Depending on age of the gutters, Yes a corner may be resealed, however can not be guaranteed.

How do I repair a leaky corner?

All existing caulking and all organic debris must be removed from area of to be repaired, the inside of the gutter must be THOROUGHLY clean and dried (hint: use a scotchbrite cleaning pad). Use a good polyurethane sealant to reseal the joint and feather out the edges of the new sealant. DO NOT USE ANY SILICONE OR TAR PRODUCTS.

My gutters have streaks all over the front of my gutters, WHY?

Tiger striping is a phenomenon (not covered by warranty) that is characterized by vertical, irregular, and more or less parallel stripes that could be about 1/8th to 1/4 of an inch wide. The stripes are usually dark in color and the intensity could range from barely visible to clearly visible at a distance. The stripes are the result of staining of the painted surface by very fine particles found in the atmosphere, in rainwater, or on the roof. The staining particles could derive from soot or pollen, or an assortment of other air pollutants. The stripes are much more visible when present on a white gutter than on a darker coloured one for obvious reasons.

How can I clean the outside of my gutters?

It is recommend using a product called Simply Green, Fantastic or similar cleaners mixed with a small amount of bleach. DO NOT USE ANY ABRASIVES.

Why do my gutters hold water?

This may be due to settling of the structure or simply poor construction practice. A required build up of sealant at the corners will also be the cause. Check all outlets to make they are cleared of all debris.

Can my gutters be resloped?

If your gutters are screwed on, yes they can be resloped however if corners need to be disturbed this may cause future leaks. If your gutters are nailed on then no it is not feasible to reslope, however additional downpipes may be added at the areas which hold water.

How do I know what size of gutters I require?

The size of gutter is determined by the opening at the top of the gutters NOT the depth. For the residential application 5” gutters are adequate and are the industry standard, however for larger volumes of water a commercial grade 6” gutter system may be required.

How many downpipe locations do I require?

Rule of thumb is no more than 40 lin ft of gutter for each downpipe, this will also depend on how many corners are in the gutters. Keep in mind the amount of downpipes is not as important as the size of the opening which supplies the downpipes eg: 1 7/8″ vs 2 3/4″

Can upper downpipes simply drain onto my lower roof?

Any upper downpipe should not drain onto any ashphalt roof and must be drained DIRECTLY into the lower gutters, otherwise this will create premature wear of the roofing material.

How do I know what type of gutters I require?

There are 2 types of gutters for the typical residential home, “K” Style also known as OGEE, or FASCIA GUTTER. Simply, if you have a fascia board on your house you would use a “k”/ OGEE style. If you do not have a fascia board then you will require a Fascia Gutter.

Are there different gauges of gutter available?

Currently our supplier GENTEK BUILDING PRODUCTS is offering two thicknesses of aluminum, .025 available in 17 colors or .032” available in limited colors.

Can I lean a ladder against my gutters if they are the heavy gauge?

NO, NO, NO, this a dangerous practice, PLEASE use Ladder Stand-Off’s which fit on the top of the ladder and keep the ladder off the gutters also giving the ladder a wider stance and is available at most building supply stores for approx $50.00.

How do I know what thickness of gutters I require?

Most residential asphalt shingle projects only require the industry standard .025”, however if the roof is STEEL, glazed tile or of any other slippery composite, the thicker .32” is highly recommended.

How about snow and ice?

In regions where snow and ice are concerns then thicker .032” aluminum is required. Snow brackets may also be required. We can customize a system considering all factors.

Is there any guarantee against snow or ice damage?

Snow, ice, wind or hail are considered ACTS OF GOD thus carry no guarantees.

Do Leaf protection systems work?

Most Leaf protection system offer a certain amount of protection against debris getting into your gutter system, some better than others. The picture to the right shows the “Gutter Hood” type of leaf protection which is allowing a significant amount of debris into the gutter. We offer instead the T-Rex and Gutter Clean systems by Alu-Rex, which we have found to be far superior and less expensive. We can build a protection system taking in many considerations eg: type and vicinity of vegetation.

Will I have to replace the boards behind my gutters (FASCIA BOARDS) when I replace my gutters?

If the gutters which are being replaced are aluminum or steel and the existing roof edge is in good shape (no water leaking behind gutters) then no you should be ok with the existing Fascia boards, just a little paint.

Water appears to be leaking in behind my gutters, What causes this and should I be concerned?

This is an indication that your roof edge is deteriorated or is insufficient, and should be rectified immediately.

Can my existing wood or stucco soffit be replace?

Yes, the older wood or stucco soffit is solid material except for the small vent strip originally installed, we suggest that additional ventilation be installed and maintenance free aluminum replace the existing materials. (REMEMBER THE MORE VENTALLATION THE BETER)

Can I cover over my existing wood Fascias and Barge boards with aluminum?

Yes, however to do a proper installation is labour intensive thus quite expensive; however the need for future maintenance is eliminated. We do not use any pre formed product, all our capping is custom formed for each application.

Are there other options available other than Leaf screens?

Yes we offer a Funnel outlet/ Leaf trap system which works great for areas with high volumes of water. It is also the basic option we offer for areas with minimal amount of surrounding vegetation, however in areas where there are a lot of trees we strongly recommend Leaf screens if there are large coniferous trees we would recommend the use of both Funnel outlets in conjunction with our Leaf screen option.

I have had companies offer their own exclusive profiles of gutter, what make them so different?

We have all offered our own profiles which give the consumer a great selection, HOWEVER, keep in mind that profiles come and go, should damage occur to your new gutters at a later date, the profile you selected may now be discontinued, so choose a profile that has been around for many years eg: Ogee style also known as K style.

How much will it cost to replace my gutters and downpipes?

Pricing is calculated by linear footages of gutter and downpipes, the amount of corners, accessibility and type of material being removed. We properly dispose of all construction materials.

If I provide linear footage of my gutter, down pipe and corner count can you give me a budget price over the phone?

Yes, if pictures are emailed with this information this will be of great assistance.