Exterior Design

Gutter Materials

Gutter Materials: Aluminum

Our aluminum gutters come in two different gauges (0.025" and 0.032″heavy gauge aluminum) and are available in a multitude of colours.


Gutter Materials: Copper

Copper gutters are definitely an eye-stopper. Copper gutters and eavestroughs add elegance, rustic charm, and style to any house old or new. Below are just a few example of copper gutters. Besides visually stunning, they are extremely durable and most resistant to damage from falling debris and violent windstorms. Copper gutters are very highly sought after by custom home builders and renovators due to the quality and durability of the material.


Gutter Materials: Steel

We can custom bend gutter in a variety of materials to fit any application where a standard gutter size or shape is not suitable to your needs. They are available in 24 ga or 26 ga thickness, and in 5″colonial, 6″colonial and Super 5 styles, or custom bent styles.


Gutter Materials: Zinc

Zinc gutters provide a unique and visually appealing architectural detail to custom homes and are increasingly sought after by architects and builders for their strength and durability. Zinc is very corrosion resistant, which makes for a very long lasting, reliable and functional gutter system. Zinc gutters come in European Half Round style, with coordinating round downpipes.