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Gutter Styles & Colors

Complement, Contrast or Complete. The choice is all yours!

Gutter Colors
Gutters have to do more than just channel rainwater away. They have to make your house look good, too! Choose a color that contrasts or
blends with your house's colors to make a look that is uniquely you. With more than 18 different colors, you are sure to find something that you'll like. Ask your representative!

black | forest green | nutmeg | commercial brown | moonlit moss | saddle brown | dark drift | slate | iron ore | graphite | sable | tan | pebble | wicker | canyon clay | almond | cashmere | bright white

Colonial Gutters
5" Colonial Gutter (5K/Ogee). The most common and best choice for residential applications. Wide bottoms allow for a large opening to the
downpipe. This style has been available for over 40 years and is the most widely used, therefore can easily be matched for partial replacements, unlike some styles which have been discontinued. The ogee shape gives this gutter the strongest configuration and the 5″ wide opening offers good accessibility for easy cleaning.

Available in a wide variety of materials including aluminum, steel and copper.

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Fascia Gutters
Super 5 is best suited as a fascia gutter but can be used in all applications. It has the greater depth of regular fascia gutter but has a wider
bottom allowing for the same advantages of a 5" Colonial gutter. It’s high capacity makes it a great replacement for older narrow fascia gutter styles such as box bottom or flat face. Available in .025″regular gauge aluminum, 24 gauge or 26 gauage steel.

Our newest style is Super Crown. It has all the benefits of the Super 5 gutter with the additional benefit of a unique crown molding profile.

Fascia gutters are generally used where the builder has not installed a fascia board over the sub-fascia. The greater depth allows the gutter to cover the 2 x 4″ subfascia and soffit J-Trim for a clean look. They can also be used on a larger fascia board if the style is preferred.

They are available in .025″regular gauge aluminum in Two Step, Crown and Flat Face styles.

European Gutters
European Half Round Gutters are available in copper, Rheinzink or coated steel in 5″ and 6″widths, and can be custom formed in other metals. Copper Half
Round is formed from high strength 18 oz. copper and adds prestige and beauty to your home.
Custom Gutters
We can custom bend gutter in a variety of materials to fit any application where a standard gutter size or shape is not suitable to your needs.
6" Commercial Gutters
6" Colonial is primarily used for commercial or institutional buildings, e.g. warehouses, schools, hospitals, stores and office buildings. It is
available in .032" heavy gauge aluminum in white or nutmeg brown, or a variety of colors in 24ga or 26ga steel.